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Everest Siding and Windows was founded on a commitment to provide quality, eco-friendly, home improvement products at affordable prices. We are a multi-generation family owned and operated, a reason for which we are 100% involved and committed to doing everything it takes to ensure you, our customers, are happy.

We only offer the highest quality products, with the most comprehensive warranties on the market, and as such this has helped us become the largest remodeler of LP SmartSide trim and siding.

We offer 100% guaranteed pricing, with no-change order, ever. The price we quote is the price you pay.

Everest was formed with the single belief that homeowners deserve the highest quality products installed by the highest trained installers, that is why we do not subcontract our projects out to untrained, unskilled, self-taught, or even semi-skilled workers.

After working at some of Houston’s largest siding and window companies, Richard- who oversees not only your initial consultation, but also the whole process from concept to completion- realized that the lack of skills in the workforce in general was a gaping hole in the marketplace for homeowners.

Richard was initially surprised at the way certification is handed out in the siding and window industry. Most homeowners aren't aware that very, very rarely are the actual installers who are performing the work on homeowners’ homes actually certified or even professionally trained. In most cases, the company has completed an online exam and once that is passed, the company is certified. The crews on the ground are not put through official training and are not themselves trained to install to manufacture's specifications.

This allows for installation issues and sub-standard practices to be commonplace, despite the company carrying official certification. At Everest not only is everyone who works in production a certified installer, but each crew member from the crew leader down to the other crew members, are all trained by the manufacturer in a hands-on environment, to install not only to manufacturer specifications, but also constantly updated with ongoing training and best practices.

Should you decide to hire Everest for your project, not only will you receive daily inspections by your project manager, but a detailed proposed agenda of how and when the project will proceed. We also handle all HOA approval if needed and pull permits where applicable to ensure a smooth and seamless installation. We do not require down payments as we do not need customers to fund the projects and payment will only be requested on satisfactory completion of the project.

We believe we have a unique approach to making sure your relationship with Everest isn't just hiring a contractor, but rather an experience to be enjoyed.

Our philosophy is in most part a direct result of Richard’s years in the British military:

  • Set the agenda

    Give all info that is relevant to all parties involved.

  • Attention to detail

    From ordering all necessary materials to inspection of materials on delivery, correct installation being performed (daily inspections), daily clean-up of job site, etc.

  • Constant communication

    Both with homeowners and crew members to ensure all parties are on the same page at all times.

  • Accountability from top to bottom

    All employees and installers performance are reviewed on a monthly basis and you, the homeowner, are asked to evaluate everyone you have contact with by way of a Customer Satisfaction Survey that is completed at the end of your project.

  • Specialists in each area of activity

    We do not want or allow roofers to install windows, siding installers to do roofing, window installers to install siding etc. Only if they are trained and certified and have expertise in two areas, they will do both.